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Miyano: Team Samezuka in post-recording is the best team. First, what makes it so great is that my juniors are voiced by my seniors! That's enough to get the talking going!
Shimazaki: Two veteran juniors.
Miyano: Two veteran juniors. Including Suzumura-san (voice of Momotaro) who just turned 40 the other day.
Shimazaki: Yeah, just the other day.
Miyano: And with Miyata-san (voice of Nitori), those two are so CUTE. They voice the cute juniors perfectly. That's what makes this team the best. Also, their interactions are funny. […] I also love working with Hosoya-san (voice of Sousuke); it's enjoyable working with him and I often poke fun at him. You know how, in the series, Sousuke and Rin bump their fists together? I often get asked in interviews if I've had personal experience of that. It's something you're kind of attracted to, and those two do it so naturally, right? Like, it's so cool!
Shimazaki: But I know the truth. I saw you two bump fists yourselves in the studio for episodes with my very eyes.
Miyano: Yeah, I don't know when it happened, but I thought it would be nice to do the fistbump, so I approached Hosoya-san and held out my fist. Like, "Mm." And then Hosoya-san very timidly brought his fist up and very gently touched his with mine.
Shimazaki: Cute!
Miyano: Very gently. And do you know what he said after that? "Ah, you're warm!"
Shimazaki: Ah, I heard from Hosoya-san that he was able to tell your body temperature after that.
Miyano: Yeah, apparently at the beginning I felt cold but by the end he felt my warmth. Like, that's what you got out if it? But there definitely was something other than words that got conveyed through that, so it became a natural thing for us to do every week, and every time I do it, I can feel myself focusing, so I think it helped to greatly close the distance between us.
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